Un-Discover Card


I made a payment on my Discover card. It was an extra payment. It was $70. I wanted to get the balance paid in full. I didn’t enclose a payment coupon. I didn’t have one! This was an EXTRA payment. I’ve done this before. Mailed an extra payment In fact, I’ve run thousands of dollars through my Discover Card account. I mailed said payment on 6/22. it cleared my bank on 6/28. I thought nothing of it. Yay, the extra payment went through! My balance was paid!

Fast forward to July, when I received my statement. The balance didn’t seem correct. it was short by $70. What the heck? I called Discover Card and talked to Jan – who was a little snippy. She promptly admonished me for not using a payment coupon. I didn’t have one, I explained. This was an EXTRA payment. You cashed my check, I told her. Why did you apply it to the wrong account? ” Well,” she said, “the  reader can’t read a check without the payment coupon.” But you deposited my check, I told her. “Well, it went into a main account” she insisted. Why did you cash my check if you din’t know where to put it? I asked. I had never heard of such a thing as just depositing a check into a main account because there was no payment coupon. The last four numbers of my account were on the check. It’s the same checking account that I always use. Well, again, more admonishment for the lack of sending in a payment coupon. So what can you do, I asked. “Well, we will put a trace on the payment and since you are a good customer we will issue a temporary payment on the account in the amount of the lost payment.” Oh it’s not lost, I assured her, Discover has my payment. “Well we will email you a case number, and our folks will look for your check.” And that is the last I heard. They sent me a case number via email, but that has been it. For twenty days.

Fast forward 20 days. No further word from the ‘team’ that looks for payments that were not credited properly. In fact, they are calling it a dispute. So I called Discover Card today and am on hold for a very long time, and end up being transferred to Mary. She was much nicer than Jan. She explained that no, they hadn’t located my payment and hopefully they will find it soon. They usually search for 15-30 days.  I then asked the nice lady what happens if they don’t find it? She said “they may need to get a copy of the cashed check from the bank.” Who pays that fee? I asked. “Oh, if there is a fee then we will reimburse you for it.”

Well. While it is irritating that they lost my payment, it is nice to know that if  it goes so far as to need a copy of a cashed check and there are any other fees, that Discover will take care of it. I guess I don’t need to cut up my Discover Card just yet. And to that, I’d like to give a hopefully NOT premauture….THANKS, DISCOVER CARD!

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16 thoughts on “Un-Discover Card

  1. Howdy KB!

    Boy howdy, ain’t that just a frustration! I’m glad you’re keeping up with it, though. Make ’em do it right. They won’t unless you make ’em, though.

    Let us know when you prevail.


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  2. Attention Jan c/o Discover Card Customer Service
    I have been very impressed with your talent and skill at losing bill payments. This made me wonder if you are as good at losing things OTHER than payments. In an effort at discovering (no pun intended) the scope of your aptitude, I have included a bad fortune and the stale cookie it came with. Also, there is an old T-Shirt and some grass clippings that the husband missed when he was raking the lawn. I hope you can lose these items as well as you lost my cheque.

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  3. It gets so frustrating, especially when they try to make you look like you did something wrong. I’m sure you’re not the only one who has paid without a coupon. They teach their employees to only d what the guidelines tell them to do, I think, so they honestly can’t think outside that box. Hope it ends up working out with no further problems for you.

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