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Ahem…And Now, A Few Words About Chores


Chore – Noun. A routine task, especially a household one.

I don’t know how it works you in your house, but, when I get home from work, I have to do my chores. What do these chores consist of, you might ask. Aren’t you almost 50 years old? Is someone giving you an allowance to do said chores? Heck no! I do them simply because they are my lot in life. The number one chore every day, without fail, is to sweep the house. We have two very big and very hairy lab heeler dogs.  And they shed like there is no tomorrow! Especially at this time of year! I could make a pillow on a weekly basis with all the hair I sweep up!

My husband and I don’t agree on chores. He has his, I have mine. Sometimes there is crossover. On his days off he handles the sweeping for me. Usually its done by the time I get home. I love coming home and not having to do anything! This is a rare occasion, but it does happen. I cannot function until the ‘work’ is done in the house. I can’t relax. And, if I come home and we have people at the house, it aggravates me. I want to say, “can you please leave and come back when I have my chores done?” I wonder at times, if our visitors have chores to do at their homes? What do their houses look like? In fact, if the house is not in a general state of tidiness at all times, it kind of makes me crazy. My husband thinks that we can leave the sweeping for every other day. I say he is crazy, with a capital K! Only in ultra rare extreme circumstances would we ever think about doing this! Someone would have to have died or I am exhausted.

I actually spend WAY too much time thinking about my chores. I am aware of this and hubby and I have talked about it many times. I don’t live enough in the moment, because I’m too busy thinking about chores that have to be done. While hiking the summit, I’m thinking about chores. While listening to a podcast that is supposed to help me wind down, I’m thinking about my grocery list. While having an enjoyable coffee date with my husband, I’m thinking about the next task I need to cross of my list. It goes on and on.

I actually try to be proactive about the chores. I make lists. I try to ‘clean as I go.’ I don’t leave things lying around. Yet somehow the dishes don’t always get done (hubby’s chore) and the bathroom gets messy (also hubby’s chore) and the dogs have slobbered on the window (my chore)…but I digress.

In case you have not figured it out yet, I sometimes clean when I am stressed. Which is on semi regular basis, for some reason.  And something else that I need to work on. While stress-cleaning is not bad, being stressed out a good portion of the time, is.

There is actually more to life than cleaning house and doing chores! I think I’m going to start working on having some FUN. Now.. what did I do with the Windex?

Do you stress clean? Tell me all about it! I’ll talk to you soon!

Thanks, Bing, for the imagery!



7 thoughts on “Ahem…And Now, A Few Words About Chores

  1. Howdy KB!

    I don’t stress clean; I stress procrastinate. I also procrastinate when my life is stress free, too. In fact, I generally procrastinate all the time. I find the blog very useful for procrastination. Good thing I live in a country where we can afford a housekeeper on a teacher’s salary.


    PS Your “Blogging MeetUp” post link lacks the ending slash.

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  2. I definitely have my share of stress cleaning. There seems to be no end to chores after chores. But these past few months, I’ve been slowly turning tasks into a mind clearing activity rather than stressing about it. It’s as if I’m taking off worries one by one as I pick up, scrub, dispose and wash. Sometimes an idea comes about what I need to do with recent problems,etc. And don’t finish all tasks at one time. It’s okay that you don’t have a clean house all the time as my grandmother would say.


  3. Have you ever considered vacuuming the dogs? I know that sounds…well, a little bit nuts. We had a long haired shaggy mutt that shed all over the place. I started vacuuming him and only had to sweep every other day with a weekly vacuum……


  4. If I stressed cleaned, my house would be spotless. My big problem is that I’m not gone enough to clean. When I’m gone I want to wind down then it gets too late and I want to sleep. I need to stay home more.

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  5. I clean my house, a lot, for two reasons: one, I prefer it when it’s clean, and two, cleaning does reduce my stress level. Not sure why, but it does. Although when I’m not home, I don’t think about cleaning, so I guess that’s something!

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  6. I used to stress clean now I procrastinate more. I went on strike a few years ago but found that it made no difference in the cleaning, but in me. We now live in our house more and stress less. I make everyone help which doesn’t get things dome exactly my way, but I’ve learned to line with it.

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