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Weekend Coffee Share – Independence Day Edition


Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Diana over at Come on over, have a cuppa, and tell everyone about your week!

If we were having coffee, I would say Happy Independence Day weekend! I would invite you in and ask you what you were having. We have regular or decaf. We also have these little biscuits called Belvida, that come in a yummy blueberry flavor. When you dunk them in your coffee, they taste especially good! What’s happening? What’s new? Same old thing? Will you be having a BBQ with your family this weekend, or will you just hang out and get some rest?  (I would then tell the dog, no, no, don’t jump on her!)

After you got done giving each dog a bite of your biscuit, I would tell you about my week. Work was kind of slow, I worked on another blog post and have started several others. I didn’t exercise as much as I wanted to becuse I still haven’t been sleeping consistently, but I’m trying!

I’m working on getting more organized. I’m trying to do certain tasks at night to prepare for the next day, such as, ironing work clothes, making my lunch and having my workout clothes ready to go when I jump out of bed. These small changes are helping. I also bought a planner to try to get more organized. I had bought a planner when I first started blogging to try to plan out my posts, but, I ended up not liking that planner. I’m a little picky when it comes to planners and notebooks!

We hope to do some hiking tomorrow, and then on Sunday, it’s my brother’s birthday so we are taking him to breakfast. Other than that, not much going on this week!

Until next time, I’ll talk to you soon!


10 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – Independence Day Edition

  1. I like those blueberry biscuits by Belvida too. Never tried it with coffee though. Great idea.
    I started using a planner this month. It has a month with dates and several lines for each date. I found that it helps a lot. Good luck in finding the right one.

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  2. Your idea of planning out the night before is a great way to make mornings less stressful. I am decidedly NOT a morning person but need to be up around 6:15 when I’m working (I’m currently on Summer break) and I iron clothes, pack my lunch, set up the coffee and basically do as much as I can the night before otherwise my AM is chaos!
    Thanks for the biscuits and enjoy your 4th. My family and I will be heading to my father-in-law’s for an annual BBQ filled with family, good food, volleyball and fireworks! Hope your day is just as fun.

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  3. Happy 4th July! I hope you had a great weekend!
    We had the Australian Federal election on the weekend. Unfortunately, the results were so close that we don’t have a result. This doesn’t bode well for getting anything done for the next 3 years. This could well be a very costly and lengthy fight…forget about serving the people! In something reminiscent of Brexit, there’s already talk of another election. Spare us!
    Perhaps, I shouldn’t be writing comments while watching more election updates.
    Actually, they’ve just asked Jason Bourne to be our Prime Minister. Bring it on!
    xx Rowena

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  4. Thanks for the reminder about the Belvida biscuits! Loved the commercials.. I’m kind of a planner geek and have tried several also.. Right now I’m just using Google Calendar to plan my blog posts.. Happy Independence Day!

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