An Ode To My Old Friend, Pizza


I have an old friend. His name is Pizza. I haven’t seen Pizza in over three years. He doesn’t come around anymore. Oh, he used too. On a regular basis. Usually on a Friday night. We would call him, or he would just show up. Sometimes at the last-minute. Maybe no one felt like cooking dinner that night. Pizza would step right in and handle it. What a thoughtful guy! Or maybe we’d have a get-together with some friends and there he would be – right there at the table with us!

I’ve known Pizza since I was a kid. He hasn’t changed much at all. Although there are different versions and flavors – to include Pizza Rolls and things of this nature, Pizza has always meant the same to me. He would go away for a while, but would always come back. Usually just a phone call away.

Pizza was always the gift that kept on giving. Maybe he would show up on a Friday, but would continue to help out for a few days after that. Who says Pizza isn’t good in the cold?

I’m much older now, and, much to my chagrin, I had to stop seeing Pizza. I had to do it. For my husband’s sake. You see, my husband and Pizza, they didn’t have a good relationship. They didn’t get along. Pizza was just bad for him. He was a little too gooey. And kind of cheesy. And kinda fat. Pizza never worked out much – never took care of himself. He was a bad influence. But he was always busy helping others. Now, where was I? Oh yes, I had to stop seeing Pizza. I couldn’t call him or ask for him over the Internet. After my husband had his heart attack, the doctor said enough is enough, no more Pizza for you! I decided that I had better stop seeing Pizza as well, since, well, it’s really not fair if your hubby can’t eat Pizza and you eat it in front of him. If one of us can’t see Pizza, we probably both shouldn’t.

But lately…I’ve been missing my old friend, Pizza. I’m not sure what to do about it. I’d like to call him up….I’ve heard of this place called Dominos that maybe be able to help me out…help me get in touch…with my old friend, Pizza.

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6 thoughts on “An Ode To My Old Friend, Pizza

  1. I remember Pizza. All those different dresses he use to wear. I loved it when he’d put that seafood one on. The way he’d pretend it was healthy and then he’s strip it off and say, haha gotach, still fat ole me underneath.

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  2. The Viking is from……wait for it……Denmark!……and he has travelled all over Europe so now he is a Pizza Snob. The crust has to be crispy and thin and have very few toppings which is exactly the opposite of the kind of Pizza I like. Sigh.

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  3. Pizza is my twin brother. We are both thick, cheesy, kinda spicy, crusty on the outside but soft on the inside, like to be the center of attention, people either hate us or love us…there is no middle ground. We both can give others heartburn but to some, we are better than sex!!!! lol.
    Pineapple, black olive, feta cheese, spinich and tomato on a medium crust is my favorite but since I live in the boondocks and no one delivers out here, I eat a lot of frozen pizza….when asked what I would like for my birthday (or any other day) meal, Pizza, wine and movie at home is always my first choice!


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