Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share – Heat Wave Edition


If we were having coffee, I’d be very sleepy, but happy to meet up just the same. I’m sure a good cuppa joe would perk me right up!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about my week. It was fairly stressful and busy at work, but now its the weekend and time to relax. Here in Arizona, it’s been REALLY hot! This weekend we should be up to 113 in some places and higher than that in others! I’m wishing we had a swimming pool right about now!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my brothers and I are taking my dad for lunch on Father’s Day, which is Sunday. My dad loves mexican food, and, who am I kidding – I love it too!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I am thinking about creating an e-book in the future, of some of my best posts and also other essays that haven’t been published. The thought of this is kind of exciting. I guess one of my goals has been to do a book of some type. It will be one of the things that is in development, I guess, and we will see how it goes.

Not much else is going on with me.  Our thanks to Diana over at parttimemonsterblog.com for hosting the Weekend Coffee Share! I’ll talk to you soon!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – Heat Wave Edition

  1. Being Australian, I wondered whether you were experiencing a real heat wave or some equivalent of my cold snap. Ah! Yes! It really is hot there! We get those temps here in Summer and very humid as well. We have one room with air-conditioning and the rest of the house is abandoned.
    My cold snap…it is currently 16 degrees celsius here in Sydney and you’d think it was -30! I’d like a tropical plant locked in the freezer. Ouch!
    xx Rowena

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  2. Here in Southern Arizona, it’s definitely a dry heat right now! The monsoons will hit in a month or so and we will have some humidity, but not like some of the other states. 😀


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