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On Adult Coloring Books


This just in. Coloring books are back. For adults. Yes, you heard me, they are back. Forget the children’s coloring books like the one I just sent my grandson [it has the minions on it]. Toss out those Crayolas. Get yourself an adult coloring book and some colored pencils!

The color books of today that are geared towards adults are plentiful.  A quick peek on Amazon Books, in the Craft, Hobbies & Home section brought up 4 adult coloring books under the top ten best sellers right now. There are all kinds of designs. While looking around on the internet, I found adult coloring books on a variety of topics, including: flowers, owls, paisley designs, sea scapes, wild animals, cities, dinosaurs, the 90s, and tattoos!

Adult coloring doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby, either. Most adult coloring books start around five bucks. Many libraries and bookstores offer meetups where you can get together with other people and color. If you don’t have your own book, you can print out pages at home and bring them with you. In fact, coloring get togethers seem to have replaced the modern tea party, card game or bingo. Forget the monthly book club, how about monthly adult coloring club!

More and more adults are using coloring as a way to de-stress and relax. This surprising trend goes along with mindfulness and is great therapy for reducing the stress and anxiety of life. It certainly is popular.

As a child, I was never much good at coloring within the lines. But, I think I’m going to give it another try.

Do you or someone you know have an adult coloring book? I’d like to hear about it! I’ll talk to you soon.

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15 thoughts on “On Adult Coloring Books

  1. Yup. I love coloring. I’ve done it since I was a child. I haven’t really stopped as an adult, maybe slowed down because life is busy but I’ve been doing it more and more for the past couple of years.

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  2. My daughter (11 yrs) draw and color a lot together and always have. It is a fun way to spend time together and explore our ideas. Currently, we’re working on a map of a fantasy world that we’re creating. It actually is some of the most fun I have during the day or week.

    It’s funny how much we dissuade our children from doing things that they can’t do perfectly or well. We actively discourage our children from drawing, writing poems, singing, or just about anything creative if we can’t do it perfectly from the beginning. It’s been nice to rediscover all of these creative things with my daughter.


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  3. I used to love coloring when I was a kid but haven’t done much of it as an adult, except for the five years that I taught pre-k. I hear it can be soothing, almost therapeutic. I keep saying I will try it one of these days but just never really get around to it. 😄

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  4. I have a coloring book! It’s Doctor Who! It cost me a pretty penny to get that specific one, but I had to have it! I used these really nice colored pencils I got from Amazon, but now I also have eraseable markers that I might try in it too. Sometimes the spaces to color are super itty bitty! But yeah, I love coloring, and I was so happy that they released some for adults!

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  5. Recently started doing zentangle. Kind of like coloring and drawing. Not much of a hand for art, so this is a good baby step for me. Plus, I can bond with my girl who loves to zentangle.

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  6. I have maybe four of them and I LOVE coloring. I’ve even started commissioning coloring pages from artists for my site. I just print out tons of them and hand them out at work. Most folks I know welcome a little break. It’s satisfying to feed that creative impulse even if you haven’t an artistic bone in your body. 10/10 will color again. 🙂


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