Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share


If we were having coffee, I would tell you I have plenty of coffee pods left for the Keurig, would you like regular or decaf?

If we were having coffee, I’d yell YAY!  IT’S THE WEEKEND!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I was tired at the start of the week, because I didn’t sleep that great at the cabin. I had a good time, but being somewhere new usually throws me off my game. Plus, we got up with the sun each morning we were there. Literally. My favorite part of going to the cabin is getting up when the sun rises and having coffee on the deck! All in all we had a wonderful time and it was great to get away. We will go back again in the fall.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’ve had a busy week, and I had to attend  a two-day training class for work. This totally threw off my schedule, since I had to drive to a different location. Parking is always a nightmare at the training location as well, so I had to get there very early in order to find a parking  spot. No matter, training is now done and it’s the weekend!

If we were having coffee, I would also tell you that our friend, C., is out of the rehab center and back at home. His roommates are throwing him a welcome home party on Sunday and we will see him then. He seems to be doing well. He is still very frail, but his attitude is good, and that makes all the difference.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’ve been working on a few posts and they will be put up in the next few days. I have more ideas brewing all the time, but life seems to be getting in the way of writing. I actually have been doing more reading than writing lately, but that’s okay, because it is all part of the process.

Sorry I did all the talking, this morning. It’s your turn now, tell me what is happening with you!

Weekend Coffee Share is sponsored by Diana over at parttimemonsterblog.com.


12 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Glad you do the early morning cabin experience as I’m much more of a sunset person. I seem to be somewhat allergic to mornings! Hope your friend is recovering okay.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    xx Rowena

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  2. Good morning! OMG definitely caffeinated, please! 🙂 Such great news about your friend.. I’ve been doing more writing lately, I wish I had more ideas brewing, but finally my blog seems consistent and for that I’m glad. Still working on allowing myself time to read. It’s been a struggle of mine. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Thank you for the coffee. Decaff for me at this point in the day, please. 🙂 It’s hard to find a balance between reading and writing blogs, but you’re right. It’s all part of the process.

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  4. Sunrise coffee at a cabin – that certainly sounds like a delicious way to start the morning. Hope you get fully caught up on your sleep this weekend, and have plenty of relaxing time as well. Good news about your friend and how lovely there’s a welcome home party to celebrate. I’m way behind on both reading and writing lately – I have a suspicion someone is sneaking whole days out of the calendar while I’m sleeping.

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  5. Sleeping in a strange bed, it is difficult to adjust to sleep. Good luck on catching up with your sleep. The sunrise makes worthwhile. I still recovering from the fire scarce we had. I am still trying to think what one can do to cause an electric oven to explore


  6. ‘Coffee share’ I don’t take coffee or tea since mu 20th year of age. I am a teetoller for the past 56 years. No worry of coffee share. Time permitting please read ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com GOOD BYE TO COFFEE from the archives. Always blessed with nice sleep.
    UR write up is great!

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  7. Sorry you had so many off days with your travels and change of work schedule, but it sounds like the cabin was an excellent break. One of my friends goes to a cabin she and her husband own on many weekends to just enjoy the coffee and break away from the norm. So glad you got the opportunity to do just that and have plans to return soon.

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