Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share – Rehab Edition


If we were having coffee on this Memorial Day weekend, I would tell you that we are smack in the middle of a 4 day weekend! I took the day off on Friday to have an extra long weekend, which I needed! Our week was busy with work, a high school graduation, and continuing to support our friend in the hospital. Speaking of our friend, C. has been moved over to a rehab center, so that he can get some occupational and physical therapy. So far so good, his attitude is great. We have had many talks about how lucky he is to be alive and how grateful he is that he has friends that are supporting him. Having visitors helps keep his spirits up. Since he is a diabetic, it is more important than ever to keep this condition under control with proper diet, exercise, and basically staying as healthy as he can. We’re just glad he is doing so well.

Previously in the week I put up a post that seems to be getting some likes and comments. This makes me happy, since I haven’t been posting as regular as I would like. Hopefully things will smooth out and I will get into a regular flow. I did figure out something on WordPress, though. There is a little icon that appears on the screen that looks like a bell. When you hover over it, it will tell you that you have comments, likes, or views. I didn’t pay that much attention to this at first, but, when I looked at it the other day I realized there were comments about posts in this area that I had not seen before! So, I had to catch up a little with replying to likes and comments. Sorry, everyone, I’m still learning! I will check it on a more regular basis from here on out! I’m still loving the fact that I am a blogger. I keep telling myself this, and it’s really cool! I just smile to myself, and go about my business.

The rest of the weekend will be a family bbq, reading, relaxing and of course, some exercise! Happy Memorial Day! I’ll talk to you soon!

#weekendcoffeeshare is put on by Diana at Part Time Monster. Thanks for hosting this link up, Diana!


11 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – Rehab Edition

  1. It is great your friend is doing better. I know the feeling you get on likes, views and comments. I need to answer some comments. I resd J A Jance CLAKBACK last night it is really good but you expect that from her.

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  2. I get so many comments these days, it’s hard to answer them all. I don’t know how the “big bloggers” manage!

    My husband’s niece graduated this year. She was born the year we were married! Our son won’t have a graduation, because we homeschool and he doesn’t want one, but he would be graduating in only three years now. So hard to believe, even if he IS half a head taller than me months before his 15th birthday!

    I’m glad your friend is doing better, and that you found the bell that is the key to your comments. WordPress is awesome – I’ve recently upgraded to a website, but am keeping my WP blog as my main one, because it’s such a great format and community.

    Pleasure to meet you, and looking forward to going through midlife with you! And yes, you ARE a blogger! =D

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