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I Love This Stuff!

We all have stuff that we like. You work hard, you buy yourself nice stuff. Sometimes the stuff just sits around, rarely used. Fair enough. But, isn’t it nice when we get a ton of use out of the stuff that we have? Here’s a quick list of some of the stuff  that I’m getting a ton of use out of lately.

My Cross Ballpoint Pen – I loves pens, and my husband gave me this one as a wedding present before we got married. It’s a pearly white, and it’s the kind of pen where you give the barrel a twist to make it work. I love the color! I use this when I write my drafts in long hand, for writing checks, lists, you name it. It writes really smooth, like butter!

My MacBook Pro – I’m not plugging Apple, but, I love this laptop! It took a little getting used too because I’ve always had Windows-based computers. The shortcuts on the keyboard are different, and it’s a little heavier that I would like, but, I have to say it not only looks beautiful but it is really enjoyable to use! It’s the last model that they made with a CD drive. It was a bit pricey, but after owning this computer, I understand why. The quality is unbelievable. It’s a pleasure to use it for my blogging!

My Vasque Hiking Boots with Super Feet Insoles –  This might seem like a strange thing to put on this list, but we hike often and there’s nothing like a great fitting pair of boots. The non-slip Vibram soles help keep a grip on whatever surface you are walking on. Believe me, the non slip sole really makes them enjoyable on the trail. I feel like a Ninja! I’m definitely more sure-footed with these babies. The previous pair of hikers that I had were not the correct boots for the type of trails we hike, so, I did a lot of slipping. Be sure to get fitted professionally for your boots, let the salesperson know where you will be hiking, and also use insoles if necessary. It can make all the difference in how your feet feel after a long hike.

Smart Wool Hiking Socks – Paired up with my Vasque hiking boots, I’m unstoppable. Comfort! Cushion! Wicking! Wool is not just for the winter to keep you warm. And these are not your grandmother’s wool socks – these are made with wool blends; the weaves are better and they regulate temperature better, whether summer or winter. These socks are so comfy and just the best thing since sliced bread!

Canon G7X Camera – I admit it – I shoot Canon! This camera is my current favorite and I drag it everywhere. It’s basically a pocket camera with a flip out screen, Wifi, and lots of serious features. The flip out screen was actually the selling point for me. It’s great for selfies and for shooting video for a vlog. It also has 20 megapixels. I’m really digging it!

What stuff are you loving right now? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it! I’ll talk to you soon!


7 thoughts on “I Love This Stuff!

  1. I love technology too. I love my iPad Pro. I don’t use it for everything, but it’s great for watching videos and such. I love the screen size. I have the newest iPad to this one, and I use it almost everyday. I love my Vaio laptop. It’s what I use for blogging. I love my Galaxy Samsung phone because of the stylus. It also takes nice images. I check screen sizes with all. In my opinion, a blog must be readable in any screen size. And lastly, I love my non-tech leggings. I wear them a lot in both summer and winter.

    Typically, I don’t buy anything just to look at it. If I can’t use it, I don’t need it. It doesn’t serve me, so why have it? At 60, you just have enough. Save your money, or put it into service another, more practical way.

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  2. You sound like a very practical person who enjoys the Pleasures of delightfully simple things. Sounds like you are a married to a man who loves you greatly. You two are very lucky to have each other.

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  3. I have a Nikon coolpix digi camera that i simply adore. It seems to take fairly consistent pictures in spite of my being the one behind the button! I also adore my new walking cane…it is neon colored and tie dyed (looking)….just the thing for poking at people who are in the way, or actually propping me up so I don’t crash over into assorted things. I also adore the thought of you and your husband sharing so much together….


  4. My favorite things are my I pad air 2 and the red case and key board that I bought to use with it. My toaster oven (makes left over pizza BETTER than when it was fresh). My “Glamper”…a 1975 camper that I totally redid in a Boho/Gypsy theme and the outside I painted a multitude of wild colors. I sleep in it every night possible in the summer. My air bed that I sleep on every night. My earplugs that drown out my husband’s snoring (and my own!). And my ever-growing collection of Pravana wild hair color dyes so I can have really odd-colored hair. (Right now it is colored like a Fuchsia Plant!!!)


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