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Why I Love Thursdays

You would think that my favorite day of the week would be Friday, or maybe one of the actual weekend days. Well, it’s not. My favorite day of the week is actually Thursday. You could call it Friday eve. There is just something about this particular day that I love. It’s not quite the weekend, but I start to get excited about the weekend.  I get organized, do laundry, etc, on Thursday night, all in preparation for the weekend. By Friday morning, it’s time to bring on the weekend!

What’s your favorite day of the week? I’d love to hear about it. I’ll talk to you soon!


One thought on “Why I Love Thursdays

  1. I like all the days, but prefer the weekdays. Wednesday is nice because it’s right smack in the middle. I’ve found when doing business that people seem to be more responsive on a Wednesday. I also like Saturday. It’s a weekend and I feel like I can rest. Like you, I prepare for the weekend so that I can enjoy the weekend. I used to believe I hated Monday’s. Then I realized that I was hating time — 24 hours — to be exact. So, if I wasn’t accomplishing as much as I wanted to accomplish in a week, that was certainly why. Change happened!

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