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In Praise of Letter Writing


I understand that today’s world is hurried and fast-paced.  Really, I do. These days it seems like letter writing is something we just don’t do anymore. I like to send letters, and receive letters. I can’t be the only one! How about this: instead of  texting or emailing, how about we try mailing something written on good old-fashioned paper?

With the advent of the Internet and email, one hardly ever gets a card or letter in the mail anymore. Since you can do practically everything online these days, it makes sense that traditional forms of greeting are going by the wayside. Yes, email is instant and convenient. I just don’t think it is suitable for every occasion. How thoughtful is an email? How personal? Will you be tucking a printed email under your pillow at night? I don’t think so. Taking the time to thoughtfully write a card or letter really shows that you care.

It is for the reasons stated above that I submit to you the following occasions that call for a for a handwritten letter, card, or note.


Flowers are wonderful for someone who is under the weather. A hand-written note from you (not from the florist who delivered the flowers) can be touching. Oftentimes folks who are really ill are lonely and isolated, and a card or note can really cheer them up.


It goes without saying that a note of condolence can really help deal with the loss of a loved one. Oftentimes we don’t know what to say, and there are many cards out there that sum it up quite nicely. The recipient will see how many people cared about the loved one that they have lost.


A note of congratulation is very thoughtful. It makes you feel good inside. Kinda makes you wanna high-five someone and say “Yeah! I did it!”

Job Interview 

Even though email is prevalent in the business world today, a hand-written thank you note after an interview will really impress. You might have nailed the interview, but, the thank-you note could be the deciding factor on whether you are actually hired for the job.

Thank You

Who doesn’t like to receive a thank-you note? Teach your children at a young age to write a proper thank-you note and this habit will stay with them forever.


We all could use a little encouragement from time to time. A note is a nice way to tell someone that you are there for them, that you can help them out. You understand what they are going thorough. It can be a real pick me up for someone in need of a friend.


When was the last time you wrote your sweetie a love letter, or got them a nice card? There doesn’t have to be an official occasion to do this. Write them a poem or describe to them what you love about them. Love notes are to be cherished. Tuck a note in your sweetie’s lunch box. You will be glad that you did!

Santa Claus & the Tooth Fairy

Obviously these folks don’t have email. But isn’t it sure is cute to see the little ones write letters to them? And sometimes they even get a response!

Taking the time to thoughtfully write a card or letter shows that you really care. When was the last time you received one? I’d like to hear about it.  I’ll talk to you soon!

Photo credit: Kirsty TG


7 thoughts on “In Praise of Letter Writing

  1. I also love hand written letters. So much more thought goes into them. I love that 2 of my girls have several pen pals and so looking forward to the mail. A beautiful card or well crafted letter is a gift and a keepsake.


  2. I love written notes/letters. My daughters each have a “mom and me” journal. We pass it back and forth and write notes to each other. My daughter’s middle school had the parents send handwritten notes of support and encouragement recently during their assessment testing week. And last week, middle school daughter got a handwritten letter in the mail from one of her teachers telling her what a pleasure it was to have her in class. I thought it was so sweet that teacher mailed it, made my daughter feel so special. She immediately stuck it in her scrapbook to keep.

    To this day, I still have a letter my mother wrote me when I made my confirmation in eighth grade. I treasure it.


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