Hiking Florida Trail – Southern Arizona


Hiking the Florida Trail in the Santa Rita Mountains is awesome. It is pronounced Flo ree’ da. This is the Spanish word for ‘flowered.’ The trail is a birdwatchers paradise. You will see Costa’s Hummingbirds, Varied Bunting, Scaled Quail, Brewer’s and Sparrows, to name a few.

This is a difficult hike. It is a fairly riparian trail that has an elevation gain that goes from 4,340-7,800. I’m a fairly experienced hiker, and on our longest attempt at this trail, 6 hours total, we never made it to the saddle. Since I did not have my GPS at the time, we used our best guess and a map and determined we may have made it 3 miles up. On this particular trip we made it up about 2 miles.

IMG_2509Annual rainfall brings water down into the riparian areas, seeps and springs. Water can be found all year around, depending on the weather. This tank, however, was dry.

IMG_0396Beautiful Ocotillo cactus are among the many plants you will see on this hike.

IMG_0386An old hollow log higher up on the trail.

IMG_0383A nice view at a stopping point, about 1.5 miles up the trail.

Version 2Our final stopping point on this trip – Robinson Spring. A huge metal lid sits on the top of this bubbling spring. You can see pipes in the ground at various points on this trail. Some of them lead to this spring.

This level of the Upper Sonoran Desert Zone has many Oak and Juniper trees, along with Manzanita. The next time we hike this trail we hope to find the Daniel Mine which is very near to this Spring. Until next time, happy trails!


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