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If We Were Having Coffee


If We Were Having Coffee

If we were having coffee I would wave to you as you walked into the coffee shop. I was there a few minutes early so I grabbed us a table. You have that silly little grin on your face. You must have some news! We stand in line and order our treats.

Back at the table with our goods, I would ask “How are you doing?” “Tell me what’s new! You’re smiling!” You would tell me about the vacation you were just back from. You had a lovely time, but were very glad to be back home. You now needed a few days to recover from your vacation! And you met someone, on the return flight home. You dish a little more and then roll your eyes. “Okay, you say, what’s new with you?”

I tell you that I’ve officially been blogging for a week. “I’m a blogger!” I say, using air quotes. I tell you how I am really liking it.  It is a journey in self-discovery, and something I’m doing for myself! I tell you that I’m also really enjoying reading other blogs out there. I do need to get my ‘About’ page written on my blog, so, that will be a main focus in the next few days.

I ask you what you have going on for the upcoming week. I have a huge report that is due at work, and a few meetings. I’ll be working on other blog posts as well. Other than that it will be a low key week. Hubby and I will probably have dinner with friends and go hiking on the weekend.

We both get a refill and continue to chit chat. You take a call on your phone and have to be on your way. We hug and promise to talk soon.

Did you have coffee with someone special this week? I’d love to hear about it. I’ll talk to you soon.


2 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee

  1. Hi, we hiked this morning in the Santa Rita Mountains in Arizona. Very pretty up there. I just posted some pics! We will have dinner with friends next week – looking forward to it – it will be a bar-b-que!

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