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In Praise of The Work Uniform

Lately I have been thinking a lot about dressing for work. Is it just my imagination, or as you get older do you just not have the patience for shopping? You want to wear something practical, yet you want to look good.

I work in a barn. Literally. It’s a metal building that has been turned into an office. It’s too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer. It’s on top of a mountain. On any given day, I could be doing anything there. I could be greeting someone at the front door, or taking boxes to the trash. Sometimes I have the great thrill of digging for files in the storage shed. Wearing heels was an idea that I discarded long ago. So when I need to buy clothes for work, there are three words that I keep in my mind: FUNCTIONAL, FUNCTIONAL, FUNCTIONAL.

I’ve read several articles online recently, that tout this functional idea of wearing the same thing to work every day. Call it a uniform of sorts. Obviously, not literally the same thing every day, but, having 5 pairs of black slacks and a rotation of button down shirts is a great idea. After reading these articles I wanted to literally shout Me! Me! That’s Me! I’m Going To Do That!  Except that one of the major problems that I face is that I can never find anything great when I shop. It’s a little too small, too big, the colors are hideous. My husband, however, who incidentally is all for the work uniform thing – now he can always find something to wear. Guys have all the luck!

Years ago a friend of mine who was the age that I am now, had already figured out the idea of a work uniform. She was a secretary at a law firm. No one ever saw her, she rarely dealt with the public. She wore black slacks and a white blouse every day. Sounds like she was on to something, even back then.

I guess I will keep trying. That’s all I can do. I’ve already found a great pair of slacks in two colors. And I really only need two more pairs, because on Fridays, in our office, we get to wear jeans.

Do you like the idea of a Work Uniform  for the office? I’d like to hear about it. I’ll talk to you soon!


2 thoughts on “In Praise of The Work Uniform

  1. I never really liked uniforms and I am glad I didn’t need to wear any so far, but the your idea sounds good and I like even the uniforms employees are wearing at banks or telecommunication companies.


  2. Years ago I was listening to a Christian radio program and the person the story was about was a woman in the mission field and she decided that she would wear the same dress every day so she did not have to waste any time or thought on what she would wear that day. She went and bought 7 navy blue dresses.
    As someone who has tons of clothes, baskets full of different eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyeliners, multiple jewelry boxes chock full of earrings and necklaces and bracelets, a whole closet full of shoes and purses, I really liked that idea of true simplicity. What a stress reliever to just have one color eyeshadow, one liner, one mascara, two lipsticks. To have a pair of comfy flats, a pair of boots, a pair of killer heels, a pair of sandals and one pair of slippers. To have two purses, one for winter and one for summer. Same with coats. And only black clothing.
    Well, it was a nice thought!


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