If We Were Having Coffee


If we were having coffee, we would talk about our week. I would ask you about work and your family. I wold ask you if you were taking time out for yourself – are you reading or writing in your journal. I would tell you that things with me were good – work for me was fine, and I’m following my workout plan. Getting up before work to exercise was working out well! I am feeling good about myself. I would also share with you that I started a blog. I would tell you about how I am scared and excited at the same time. I’m working on finding my voice. You wold be encouraging – you always are! You wold give me a few ideas for upcoming blog posts. I would share with you that blogging has got my mind working overtime. I want to write more and more. This weekend I will be organizing my office and my writing ‘space’ so that it is more comfortable.

On our second cup, I would ask you about your plans for the rest of the day. I would tell you that I probably will go hiking this weekend. I need to get outdoors! Before we go our separate ways, I would probably take a picture of us. Heck, we both would! I know you! Then I would give you a hug and be on my way.

Did you have coffee with someone special this week? I’d like to hear about it. I’ll talk to you soon.


Photo Credit: Karl Chor


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