This is my first blog post.  What will this blog be about? I plan to write about everything! My observations on everyday life, including: love, work, play, aging, parenting, marriage, happiness, disappointment, the human condition, getting older. You name it – I will be writing about it. After all, it’s happening to me in real time, so, why not share? I’m not a professional writer. I’m just someone that has something to say – occasionally. 

I’ve always kept a journal of some sort. I’ve always written essays. For a long time I’ve wanted to write a blog because it’s a way to get my words out there and connect with others – especially those experiencing the same things that I am.

Who am I? I’m KB. I’m married and in my late 40’s. Special emphasis on the late 40’s. [Yes, it’s from that point of view].  I plan to post a new entry each Friday, or as often as time permits. I’ll talk to you soon.



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